Official Emails

Why companies need official emails ?

1-The impression is the key
If you’re trying to build a professional brand for your business, first impressions are important. Email is one of the most common forms of communication with your potential clients. A professional email address creates a sense of trust, especially if it is from a credible website. This will boost your company’s potential to attract new customers.

Associating the name of your business to your professional email address adds a buzz of interest to potential clients.

3-Securing Privacy
Entrusting your data online has its consequences, this is because of the impending dangers of viruses that snoop and hack through your private data.

You can create specific email addresses that channel emails to people in various departments in your business (ie admin@ or info@).

Having your own custom business email address gives you control and organises your system.

How we can open the Emails?

You can open it on your browser (we will send you the link) or you can open it on descktop by Outlook prgoram.

Can we open e-mail on mobile?

Yes, by using Gmail on Android or Mail application on IOS. We gonna send you the settings for that.

Can we open e-mail on OutLook?

Yes, and we gonna send all the settings for Outlook.

What if Outlook application stopped suddenly?

If the Outlook application stopped suddenly you have to open emails on a web browser (we will send you the link) until Outlook fixed.

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